Divorce brings out strong emotions that can become destructive to every member of the family, especially the children in divorce.

Joy Bennett is a child specialist who can help.  She has extensive training in helping both adults and children cope with every facet of a divorce.  She has been working with divorce and children for nearly twenty years.

She can help with:

  • How to tell the kids
  • What reactions to expect
  • The best ways to share parenting

What does “co-parenting” really mean anyway?

What custody and and visitation arrangements work best for kids?

How much input should the kids have?

What can I do if the other parent won’t work with me?

  • How to cope with your own emotions and still help your children with what they’re going through.
  • How to get past the rejection you feel and begin to rebuild your life.

Joy can also help you understand why it’s harmful to a children in a divorce when parents say bad things about each other, even if what you’re saying about the parent is actually true.

Coping with Divorce-2She can help you learn to disengage from the conflict with the other parent.  Continuing conflict between parents is very harmful to children.  Joy can help you become less angry and more business-like.  Joy’s goal is for parents to treat each other with at least as much civility as they would an appliance repairman in their home.  Parents don’t have to be “friends,” but they need to be civil.

Remember:  Co-parenting is Forever.

It is Joy’s belief, and this is supported by mountains of research, that children do best when they have two involved parents.  But they can also do well if they have one really good parent.  You don’t have to make up for the shortcomings of the other parent.  You do need to be the best parent you can be.